A look back on the past decade

Daydreaming and living through magazines while raising my kids and being a teacher.


At the time I was really into baking and designing cakes. Honestly I thought I was going to open up a bakery at some point. Funny how that's not where I am today...


Year four of running marathons and a few triathlons. Around this time I tell my hairdresser that I want to be a yoga instructor.  His response to me is, "You can't even meditate!" 


Begin my journey to completing my 200 RYT yoga certification.  Still running marathons, making cakes, raising kids and teaching.  Absorbing all I can get from the yoga practice and the obsession begins.


Heavy year. Dad is not doing well, treatments are not helping. Time is running out. Most of the year is spent with him at doctor visits and in the hospital.  


humble beginnings!

see, dreams do come true! crazy, huh?

Run my first 50 mile race and then lose dad the week after.  A lot of change happened after that... We go through the motions and the year is kind of a blur. Not much in motion. Feel stuck, anxious, lost, etc.


Decide to sell our house and move to Orlando.  Things begin to change.  I am introduced to hypnotherapy and life opens up. Acclimate to living arrangements and new town.  I am still teaching but have added a few new things to my wellness tool belt. 


Move into our home and spend most of the year enjoying the space and being comfortable in the newness.  Time flies and before I know it, the new year is around the corner.  


Begin to feel the urge that I am supposed to be doing more.  I continue to teach school but by the fall I am enrolled in a hypnotherapy certification program as well as completing my 200 RYT. Long story on that one. Take kids skiing for the first time.  Little did we know COVID was around the corner. 


Welcome to shut down and a pandemic.  During this time I continue to work in my program, teach, as well as enroll in a 300 RYT yoga program. Although it was difficult, it kept me focused and busy.  Distracting me from all of the social noise. Honestly, I feel all of the work kept me in check and well for the most part. 


We move...

what a year, eh?


In March I complete both my hypnotherapy certificate as well as my 300 hour RYT yoga practice.  The business begins to create momentum and here we are now.  There's a lot more to the story but definitely not an overnight thing.  My soul is at a place where she can now breathe.
Welcome to the tribe...