What’s Your Spirit Animal?

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As we share the planet with animals, it is no surprise that we will have interactions with them both in the physical and spiritual planes. Just because we may not physically interact with many of these animals, it doesn’t mean that we cannot connect with them on a higher level. In certain cultures, it is believed that we travel with a collection of animal guides. We embody their frequencies and harness their energies. No this does not mean that we can become an elephant but it does mean that we can learn something from them. In this article, I will list a few animal type energies and then go on with explaining what animal totems represent. Animals offer us an opportunity to engage in our primal side. To learn from their instincts and apply these to our daily lives. You can do meditations and ask for your spirit animal to reveal itself or you can just sense your body to feel what the animal is doing and get an idea of what your spirit animal might be. Here are a few that you can read about. These are common animals. For a complete book of animal guides, I recommend the Little Book of Spirit Animals by Lllewellyn.

Eagle: You are being asked to look at something from an eagle eye perspective. An eagle looks at life with a wide view. They provide you with the energy to soar with wisdom, strength, and courage. They also suggest that the winds in life are changing. You will soar to great heights.

Rabbit: This animal is associated with fertility, desire, and a gentle nature. When this animal appears, pay attention to your surroundings and opportunities. They will be coming to you quickly. A rabbit encourages us to be quick witted and have a heightened sense of fear and danger. These abilities allow them to get out of tight spots and difficult situations.

Horse: The horse teaches you to move in a new direction. Prepare for changes and new adventures. Horses ask us to examine the balance between our wild selves and taming that which needs to be harnessed. If a horse appears, you are feeling confined and on edge. They remind you that you have the stamina to pursue the goal. Take things in stride instead of letting things spook you.

Snake: When a snake appears in your life, it means that you are healing and a transformation is in the making. As a snake sheds it’t skin, layers of energy are lost that no longer serve it. Snakes also remind us to be grounded. A snakes eyes are always open, this gives you the ability to see things you might have overlooked. You are more alert and ready for the next thing to present itself in front of you. Intuition is heightened and your connection with universal energy is elevated.

Lion: Embrace your personal power and assertiveness. A lion is the king of the jungle. This animal appears when you are stepping into a leadership role. It also represents needing to step up your game. Stop laying around. Get out there and get the job done. They also warn us of our personal power being threatened. Protect your environment and learn to work your power.

Fox: This animals shows up when you need to be a quick thinker and might possibly be making a tricky decision. Learn how to manipulate obstacles and face them with your own bag of tricks. The fox is good energy to bring into business deals . Also, this animal encourages you to watch people and their actions. Wait to speak and observe the situation closely. It also might mean you need some quality family time too.

Sometimes you will see animals repeatedly when you are out and about. These animals can show up anywhere. When you start to see the same animal(s) over and over again, take note and do your research. They are probably trying to get your attention. To further your connection, you can get yourself an animal totem. It is simply a symbolic representation of the spirit animal you feel guided by. An animal totem is meant to remind you of the traits that yor animal is asking that you embody.

In the Native American tradition, it is said that we have 9 animal totems based on direction and then within and to the right and left sides of us.

North: Reminds us to live in gratitude.

South: Protect your inner-child and be careful with who we trust.

East: Guides you through your most challenging situations.

West: Engages your intuitive wisdom and directs you to your goals.

Above: Protects you in your dreams and reminds you that the cosmos are where we begin and where we will go upon the end of our lives.

Below: Stay grounded and in your lane.

Within: It is a protector of your inner space. Reminding you that you govern and hold ownership to that which is yours.

Right Side: Protects the masculine side: courage, force, action, and movement.

Left Side: Protects the feminine side like flow, mothering, intuition, and nurturing.

I encourage you to sit quietly and ask for guidance. Look around, pay attention to what you see. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you begin to notice your animal spirits. They want you to notice them. Use their wisdom, instinct, and actions to assist in guiding your daily human experiences.

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