Where Do You Start?

The entrepreneurial journey is definitely not for the light hearted or short winded.   It is not a sprint or so I have learned.  The process is much like running a marathon or endurance race. KNow how to pace yourself, know your body, and when you know you have more in the tank, go for the quick win on something and then come back to your pace. Lace up your shoes and get ready for the race of your business.  Warning, there is no shiny medal at the end, if you are good with that then you're in the right place. Oh, I almost forgot... The start line is right where you are now.  Only you will determine how far you go.  

You're probably more interested in decorating and setting up your swank new office space but let's get some things situated first.  (I love looking at paint swatches too...)

What is your vision? What are you creating? Why are you doing this? Do you have some kind of plan? (Even if it is on the back of a napkin) Is your startup going to take a lot of capital? Is this a hobby turned business or a full on new gig? Are you working a full-time job? How are you fitting this into your schedule? Are you listening to others give you advice? (Be careful with that one...) Love family and friends but sometimes they don't see the visions that us entrepreneurs see. Are you in this for the long term? Not like a million years but more than like a day. Do you have a support system, why? Because you will need pep talks from time to time to remind you of how awesome you are!  I am here for that too!

You're in the right place.

“Now that I have my start-up plan, I can focus on what color scrunchy to use in my hair...”

Designing and mapping out a plan for a client is such an awesome experience.  You are helping bring a dream to life which lights up their energy.  It's always the look of Aha in their face that gets me! Moments like those are priceless and are definitely the perks of my work.

- Anna


“Learning how to create clarity in my own service offerings, has helped me share this vision when I am planning a clients dream wedding”

Sometimes you just need someone to help you see your path from a different perspective. 

- Madison - Wedding Planner


Ways to Work Together

Content Creation

Let's create a road map to get you started in your business or next venture you are planning. 

I need a map

Group Coaching

teach me >


You can also go the DIY route.  Take a class and then if you need more direction, you can enroll in the coaching area.  



DIY is great but when you are ready to level up it is an amazing experience to be surrounded by others who share similar goals and business wisdom they can pass on to you

When you are part of a group, you begin to create energy that builds momentum.  The more energy you build up the more likely you will continue to generate new ideas, contribute to the well-being of your other cohorts, and levels upon levels will be built.  Another tip: It's good to not be the smartest at your table.  You probably are already brilliant but when you are the top, you need more to keep adding to the brilliance.   There will always be someone who isn't at your experience level and vice verse.  Sharing wisdom, lessons learned, and being innovative is what I foster at our E2 table.  



You need a group to hold your vision accountable, you want to leave a legacy on this planet of ours, and you want to do this in a group with people who are go getters and goal setters. 



crystal Clear

When you decide the direction of your business, clear the path.  Define it, build yourself a map, make sure your suitcase of strategies ensures you are equipped to handle the journey.

“I think the most productive thing to do during times of change is to be your best self, not the best version of someone else.” – Seth Godin

YOU are the superpower in your business.  Stand up for what you know and take a stand for what your business represents and be the purple cow.  Find a way to do it differently.  Blaze a new path to the same place but with a different approach.  Try and try again.  Confusion + no map = A rough journey.  Simple clarity wins everytime.  

 “The secret to getting ahead, is to get started"

- Mark Twain


real results

GLoria reached a zen place in her life.

“I Loved my hypnotherapy sessions with Caroline. The bigger picture is now clear and the peace of mind I have is priceless.”

- Meagan

Melinda stopped worrying about social

“Finally, I have great content ready and waiting for me that I didn't have to CREATE!”

If you need help getting your social media strategy in order, there are several options to choose from.  You will have a game plan in no time and all you need to worry about is how to respond to all of those clients you will be gaining!

- Melinda

Ali is flexible in making time her own wellness needs.

“As a wellness provider myself, I am grateful that I have a go to person who takes care my varying needs. ”

Wellness coaches need love too! Maybe it's a weekly yoga, breathwork, or meditation session or combinations of all three.  I can provide a variety of class pairings either private or group are available.  

- Ali



I can't wait to help you level up _____. Send over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward. 



stay a awhile + read


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Get lost in the scenery, dream big, surround yourself with goals that scare you, and don't forget to share your light with others.

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