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Join me in Just Add WaterTru North's signature course. If you are looking for direction, a breath of fresh air, or a  cheerleader for your next adventure in life, you're in the right place. 

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It's time to start living life on your terms instead of just responding to what life throws at you daily.  Stop telling yourself you will do it tomorrow.  What if there is no tomorrow? Your time is now. This version of you exists, it just needs to be uncovered. 

How to harness the next level YOU

Using Movement to create Momentum on your journey

Are you moving daily or at least a few times a week? How is your sleep? What's your energy level from day to day? Incorporating movement into your day makes a difference in your productivity, attitude, and overall mindset.  

A sample of what you'll learn in

Create more Energy and live life on your terms

Experience energy shifts and create more time in your day to get things done that actually move the needle on your journey.  Learn how to look at your days as opportunities instead of life being another day another dollar.  Make your days count, wake up joyful and grateful that you get to livr this beautiful amazing life.



Here we meet as a group for 8 weeks.  A new topic is covered weekly and the session is 2 hours each week.  The first hour is a live lesson taught by me and the second hour is questions and coaching.  

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Cabins and Campfires

This is an 8 week 1:1 coaching program.  Upon signing up for the program, you will schedule an introductory call with me.  Here we will review your questionnaire and determine the route in which you would like to take. 

Ready to roadtrip

Airstream Glamping

This is a 16 week 1:1 coaching program. Upon signing up for the program, you will schedule an introductory call with me. Here we will review your questionnaire and figure out where you would like to start.  And remember, you have four months to cover a lot of territory.  The camper is all yours. 


I want to flow

Yoga 101

This is a beginners journey to yoga.  In this class, I will cover the basic core poses, explain the varying differences of yoga flow practices, the chakra system, breathwork and hoe it relates to yoga, and much more.  There will also be a yoga nidra meditation included. 

i want clarity

Hypnotic Business

This class is meant to clear up those business burnout sessions you might be having.  Gain crystal clarity by aligning your energies so that you can get that business off and running.  Use this course to identify what is working, as well as where you could use some extra energy shots.   Create a hypnotic connection between the vision of your business and the energy you want it to produce.  

Turn on the electric

Electric Entrepreneur

If you need a place to start and want the go to's of where you need to put your time first,  this course will electrify your start-up.  Expect to have a mini plan in order by the time you are done.  All systems go. Well, kind of.  I can lead you to a bunch of great ideas to get you started, but the work is up to you. 

TRU Electives

A la Carte

Steal Tips for Your Next Launch

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Gardening of the Mind

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Questions before I dive in

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