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We are all energy. Every fiber of our being.  It is no question that our frequency and mindset determine our success in this lifetime.  Crystals help to fine tune our connection to the cosmos and illuminate the path that guides us to our Tru North. 

Alignment and Alchemy.  This 90 minute session is your time to reconnect with yourself and discover the innate power you hold within.  I use a combination of  oracle/collage cards, crystals and my intuitive guides. Whether you have a specific questions or are looking for guidance, this session will help you to discover the answers you’re seeking and maybe even some you didn’t know you needed answered (always happens). Must be a current client or have had an Energy Intro Session or an Alchemy Business Chat Session prior to booking.

In all the work that I have done, I have realized that when you understand the vessel that you live in, you better understand what it takes to make it run smoothly.  A human design reading helps you to see where your strengths lie as well as what makes you, YOU.  You learn where your power comes from and what needs paying attention to.  From there, you can determine what modalities you would like to use to refine and align the souls energetic frequency and direction.  If you are on the path to finding your own Tru North, this is a must.  It is a guide that will allow you to see your cosmic coding and more.  


Human Design



This package and an integration of energy, alchemy, and alignment.  After a brief round of questions and answers, a perfectly curated cosmix Rx is created.  A mixture of crystals, intentions, herbs, and elixirs. You will also get a custom meditation recorded for you with a specific goal/intention in mind.  This cosmology blend is sure to align your spirits, raise your frequency, and enlighten the heart. 


Whether you realize it or not, you are influenced by the moon and its phases. In this session we look at your lunar astrology, intentions, and create a 108 strand mala for you to meditate with. This is an in depth session where we dive deep into your chart and create a ritual to get you in lunar alignment with a custom meditation included.  



For as long as I can remember, I have always  been fascinated with gems and the cosmos.  

I have had some of the best teachers in the crystal world as my mentors. Through the years I have fine tuned my approach and put my own spin on energy and alchemy.  My goal is to teach you how to find the glow within so that you too can shine like a star.  My programs are designed to map out your journey, follow the custom curated path, and make sure you have that journal handy to write down what you see, feel, and experience, on that journey.  I can't guarantee that you will go down that path again.  But that's a good thing.  The goal here is to move forward, the only thing in the past is lessons learned. Keep your frequency tuned in and watch the magic and momentum unfold. 

Crystals, cosmos, connections, and chats...

Sparkle Plenty!

Cleansing your energy can happen in a variety of ways.  Here are a few you can try.  Keep a small bowl of sea salt by the sink.  Each time you wash your hands, add a little salt to your hands and scrub.  Salt is a natural detoxifier.  Showering cleanses energy.  Taking a bath with Epsom Salts and a few crystals of your choice cleanses energy.  Use a sound bowl or listen to sound bowl music on YouTube.  These sounds depending on the hertz frequency, will help to shake off unwanted energies.  Dance it out, tunes are completely up to you! 

Whatever frequency you’re at, as a human, your vibration is very unstable and very easily influenced. It changes constantly as we’re exposed to other people, social media, the news, traffic, the weather, good news, bad news, our own memories, etc.

Crystals, on the other hand, have a super stable energy frequency that doesn’t change. Why? They’re made up of a fixed, regularly repeating, perfect geometric pattern of molecules. And they maintain their perfect stability with no effort. Exactly the opposite of our constantly changing, non-stable human nature.

So why does the stability of a crystal matter? Well, more stable energy = more powerful energy. And powerful energy can influence the energies around it. This is why crystals can so profoundly influence our unstable (less powerful) energy.  

While gems would never replace the use of medical intervention, they are a good alternative to those looking to shift their energy and try something different.  You always need to do what is right for your body.  A crystal has to be attuned to your body. 

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Crystals, Chakras, & Cosmos
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This PDF is a starter guide to understanding the basics.  How all of these essentials help to create energy alignment and more.  Click the link below and the cosmos will be beaming, as you read about their stellar qualities and connections to your personal "YOU"niverse!

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