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I like to call it the trifecta of healing.  Yoga, breathwork, and energy healing. The practice of yoga is often misrepresented.  It's never about the pose on the mat.  It's more about the person you become through the process in the practice of yoga.  How patient are you willing to be to try something new or different? What do you believe when you get on your mat? Maybe you've never done yoga? How do you talk to yourself on the mat during your practice? Breathwork keeps the parasympathetic nervous system in check and reduces our stress.  It also allows a welcomed opportunity for self connection and the space to allow inner work.  Energy healing is a process of analyzing your energetic body around you and attuning it to resonate in a higher frequency.  When the body is operating in a low frequency, the immune system is often compromised.

Carl Jung believed that horses symbolized personal power.  They are powerful creatures representing strength and individuality.  As humans we have the potential to harness these tools within us and then run with them.  Identify the areas that need to run free and let them lead you toward your next adventure.

You hold the power in walking the wellness path that you take.  You can be wild and reckless with it, but eventually your body will let you know when it's had enough.  My fascination with horses began when I started on this journey.  Their power, natural beauty, and intuitive spiritual nature relentlessly drew me in every time.  Find your wild muse and let them take you on a journey to discover the version of yourself you are meant to be.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath... or two.

Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

I love teaching clients to understand the energetic composition of the body through the use of crystal healing modalities.  The thoughts that we think manifest themselves into chemical responses in the body.  Now if you fall, bump yourself, have a cut, or a scratch of some kind, that is an outside response which creates an internal reaction.  Learning how to recognize changes in the body and then compare them to what your baseline feels like, allows you to respond to changes quicker.  There are layers to our energetic bodies.  Depending on the condition of these layers, determines how resilient we respond to illnesses both mental and physical.  


Once you learn how the energetic body operates, you unlock an inner knowing about yourself that shifts how you live life from that point moving forward.

Having protocols in place and go to self remedies, empowers your thought process in knowing what is best for your mind, body, and soul.  This does not take the place of medicine when needed, however, it allows you to recognize and be in alignment with how your body feels from day to day.  Noticing shifts, allows you to evaluate your energetic bodies to determine what they need at that time in order to regulate and heal/repair.  


Wellness workouts


Roll out your mat and be flexible with your thoughts and intentions.  Don't just go with the flow in life... Be the flow you desire!

go with the flow

Meditation & Breathwork

take a deep breath

 Energetic Alchemy

Shift your energy and create change.  Book a session to experience this powerful work.  

Align my energy


In just three months, yoga can lower systolic blood pressure by 26 points.

Yoga strengthens the immune system and fights diseases such as the flu.

After only one month of practicing yoga, people with lung problems decreased their average respiratory rate from 13.4 to 7.6 breaths per minute.

Practicing yoga lowers total cholesterol by 23%.

Weekly yoga practice has helped 52% of people to alleviate symptoms of

Yoga health statistics show that 15 minutes of daily yoga practice changes the brain’s chemistry and boosts mood.


You are willing to be mentally flexible.
Want to learn how to better serve your body and it's natural healing ability.
Improve your cardiovascular system and reduce anxiety.

It’s estimated that 200–500 million people meditate worldwide.
Meditation can reduce the wake time of people with insomnia by 50%.
Mindfulness meditation can reduce symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder 73% of the time.
Practicing meditation can increase your attention span after only 4 days.
By 2022, the value of the US meditation market will be a bit over $2 billion.
52% of employers provided mindfulness classes or training to their employees in 2018.
School suspensions were reduced by 45% thanks to meditation.

Elevate your thoughts

 “the greatest wealth
is health"


wellness WORKs.

My wedding planning was enjoyable

“I enjoyed having energy alignment sessions throughout the planning of my wedding.  It kept me calm and focused.”

- Madison

Melinda found more calm in her day

“Finally, I have a go to meditation practice that calms me and allows me to feel that everything is taken care of and I am right where I need to be in life”

- Melinda

Ali is flexible in making time her own wellness needs.

“As a wellness provider myself, I am grateful that I have a go to person who takes care my varying needs. ”

Wellness coaches need love too! Maybe it's a weekly yoga, breathwork, or meditation session or combinations of all three.  I can provide a variety of class pairings either private or group are available.  

- Ali

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Get lost in the scenery, dream big, surround yourself with goals that scare you, and don't forget to share your light with others.

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